Leadership Team

Nathan Sadowski
President, Wealth Manager

Hello, I was born and raised in mid-western Canada on a farm.  My grandparents immigrated from Poland and Ukraine then settled near our farming community back in 1927.  I’m one of seven in our family, four brothers and two sisters.  Five of us reside in California, the other two still live in Saskatchewan.  I reside in Walnut Creek with my wife and our two kids. 

While growing up on the farm, by the time I was eight years old I learned how to drive a tractor, shift gears on the grain truck, milk the goats, then carry the dairy buckets from the barn to the house.  I truly understand hard work and the value of an earned dollar.

I received an academic and a baseball scholarship in 2000 and left the farm for California to pursue my baseball dreams at Pasadena City College, San Francisco State University and Menlo College.  My baseball career was cut short due to an injury.  I continued my studies at Menlo College where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Business Management in 2005.

I started in the financial industry back in 2007 with Bankers Life, just before the sub-prime mortgage crisis in 2008 and 2009.  I got involved with Financial Planning because I wanted to help my mom and dad make smarter decisions about their money, especially as they both neared retirement.  My parents were recently divorced after decades of marriage, they worked hard and saved for many years and I wanted to make sure they preserved their nest egg.  With over 14 years of helping plan, manage, conserve and transition wealth, I fully understand the value of protecting assets for retirement and family.

I understand the significance of planning.  My choices have impacted my family’s well-being in a very positive way and I will extend that same experience, guidance and care to you and your family.

Yours truly,


Experienced professionals working together with you every step of the way

Client Service and Support:  First point of contact.  Our administrative and operations team provide service and  support to our clients.  They manage all general administrative processes and procedures, coordinating client appointments and requests while delivering an exceptional client experience.  

Wealth Managers and Advisory:  At the center of your wealth management team, you have a dedicated wealth manager who works with you to gain a deep understanding of your personal situation and what it will take to achieve your goals.  Through our 5-step planning process, you and your wealth manager will discuss current and future needs and develop a plan.  They will be your guide and will continue to monitor and recommend changes as needed.  

Know where your money is held:  Our client’s assets are held at independent qualified custodians such as AssetMark Trust and Fidelity Institutional.  Custodians hold your securities for safekeeping, they can hold either electronic or physical securities and protect them from theft or loss.  Clients have online access to accounts and transactions.  

Investment Managers and Portfolio Strategists:  After collaborating with your wealth manager, your investment manager will create an investment strategy based on your priorities and your risk/reward profile.  They determine a broad mix of asset classes that represent their strategy at any point in time, this is the framework for your portfolio.  They re-allocate and re-balance to keep aligned with your goals, research and identify opportunities in their area of expertise.  They maintain a disciplined investment process and consistent investment style.