Investment Management

Our highly-experienced team will direct and supervise the investment management of your assets.  This is accomplished by maintaining appropriate portfolio asset allocation year-after-year considering your changing needs and market conditions.  We aim to address a variety of complex financial situations with plans and solutions tailored to your specific needs.  To do this, we utilize a variety of investment strategies and methods. 

Understand exactly what you pay for, we charge a fee based on a percentage of total assets managed, which align our interests with yours, when you do well, we do well.  While our clients may pay transaction charges directly to a custodian or broker-dealer for trades, Pacific Excel Wealth Advisors doesn’t earn commissions on these transactions.  This tiered fee structure is simple, transparent and easy to understand.  A systematic fee compensation will be charged quarterly for this personalized service.  

Separation of advisory, custody and investment management functions:  This separation improves transparency and accountability, limits the potential conflicts of interest and provides for multiple independent reviews and oversight of account.  

Investment Management Service Platform: (Click on image below to view PDF)


Core Investment Management | $250,000

Wealth Management | $500,000

Private Client | $1,000,000


Investment Management Fee Schedule: (Click on image below to view PDF)