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    What is Wealth Management?


    Our style of asset management is similar to the techniques used by large institutions, endowments and funds. We have the ability to actively and directly allocate capital to asset classes across a wide range of sectors and regions without incurring additional fund-related "expense ratios."

    Unlike the trading costs usually hidden inside many retail investment products (such as Mutual Funds), trading costs are fully transparent to our investors. Our Best Price and Execution Policy is public record and we do not "mark-up" the price of trades. 

    Our investments are held within unified managed accounts (UMA's) or separately managed accounts (SMA's) that are supervised by third-party custodians, such as Fidelity, Schwab and TD Ameritrade. The investments are managed directly by institutional-level investment managers on your behalf. These institutional professionals directly purchase a customized selection of securities for your portfolio, in accordance with your stated investment objectives and with the assistance of an investment adviser representative. These securities are registered in your name and traded on your behalf. The separate account structure can also provide clients with tax advantages when compared to retail mutual funds.


    Most institutional advisors and consultants develop and maintain a written Investment Policy for their institutional clients. This is typically a clear statement of your personal investment goals and guidelines against which performance goals can be measured.

    We will work with you to develop your own personal Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and will regularly review progress towards your goals, as you require.

    A clear definition of risks and costs, together with a forward-looking income plan and expenditure projection are generally contained within your customized Investment Policy Statement. If you need to achieve a stated long-term income level, this can be tracked within the IPS.

    For many retail investors, the full-time, professional managers who actually make the buy and sell decisions on their investments are not accessible. Their life savings are being managed through a broker or advisor who may be sharing commissions and other fees with the managers of the fund in question. On the other hand, most institutions receive direct communications from their managers.

    The investment team doesn't sit in an ivory tower. We respect and appreciate the trust you put in us to manage your life savings. We strive to regularly and clearly communicate our thoughts, actions and direction to you, our valued client.

    It just seems right to communicate clearly and directly. We know it makes many of our clients more comfortable, especially in times of volatility.


    In our opinion, asset allocation* is the single most important factor.

    Clients that receive institutional-level advice benefit from having professional, institutional asset managers and financial planners focusing on their overall allocation.

    Clients within the retail financial system generally rely on their broker. The broker, who spends a great deal of their time marketing and selling their financial services, is the same person who must keep up with the asset allocation decision.  They may not share the same investment objectives as their clients.

    In our opinion, this is not an effective way to navigate the risks presented by today’s geographically diverse, fast-paced financial markets.

    Clients deserve full-time, institutional-level professionals working on their behalf and to be directly accountable when making the really important investment allocation decisions.

    *Investing involves risk of loss of principal.  Neither asset allocation nor any investment strategy ensure a profit or guarantees against a loss.  Past performance is no guarantee of future results.  


    Our goal is to offer institutional-level investment management to retail investors.

    We have developed a relationship with the following Institutional Asset Managers: 

    Astor Investment Management
    Aviance Capital Management
    Bernstein Research
    Braver Capital Management
    Clark Capital Management Group
    Dana Investment Advisers
    Federated Investors
    James Alpha Management 
    News Fleet Asset Management 
    Ranger Global Real Estate Advisors
    State Street Global Advisors
    Vanguard Institutional

    The results of our rigorous investment management discipline are organized and verified by a range of professionals including:

    The investment committee consists of investment professionals from the portfolio management team, research & analysis department, and the oversight committee.

    To schedule a time to discuss your financial future and the possible role of insurance and investments in your financial strategy, contact us at admin@pacificexcel.com or call us at (510) 217-8125 today!

    By contacting us, you may be offered information regarding the purchase of insurance and investments products.

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    Family-owned and operated, Pacific Excel Wealth Advisors, Inc. is an independent wealth management firm, founded in 2011.

    Advisory services are offered through J.W. Cole Advisors, Inc. (JWCA).  Pacific Excel Wealth Advisors, Inc. (PEWA) and JWCA are not affiliated entities.  One or more individuals at PEWA are registered as Investment Adviser Representatives of JWCA with certain State securities divisions.  PEWA Investment Adviser Representatives receive fee-based compensation in exchange for soliciting advisory services, which are provided by JWCA on behalf of PEWA clients.  Additional information regarding the specific investment advisory services which are offered by JWCA can be found in JWCA’s Form ADV Part 2A Brochure (the Brochure), which is available on JWCA’s website - jw-cole.com.

    Insurance services and products are offered through Pacific Excel Insurance Services, Inc., an independent insurance agency - California Licenses 0F91699 and 0L77279.

    Pacific Excel Wealth Advisors, Inc. and Pacific Excel Insurance Services, Inc. are under common control.

    In addition to providing certain investment advisory services on behalf of J.W. Cole Advisors, Inc. (JWCA), as described in the Brochure, Pacific Excel Wealth Advisors, Inc. (PEWA) and individuals who are associated with PEWA might offer to and/or provide to its clients certain other services and/or products which are outside of JWCA’s and/or its affiliates' supervision and/or control, including but not limited to insurance-related and estate and/or tax-planning services and/or products (Other Services). Website users are advised that Other Services are offered and/or provided exclusively by PEWA and that they are not endorsed, offered, provided, supervised and/or controlled by JWCA and/or its affiliates. Insurance services and products are offered by PEWA and they are not offered by JWCA. Guarantees are associated with insurance services and products which are backed by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing company and might be subject to restrictions, limitations and/or early withdrawal fees, which vary by the issuing company. They do not refer in any way to investment advisory services.

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